søndag 8. juli 2018

On the podium: Norway 337-342 (1955) & 584-585 (1972)

Norway 337-342

The second Norwegian SOS issue came out in 1955. The occasion was the centenary of the first Norwegian postage stamp, and in that connection an international stamp exhibition called Norwex was held in Oslo. It was commemorated on an additional overprint set. The choice of noteworthy stamps is logical: The first stamp of 1855, one of the first posthorn issues from 1872, and one from the first "riksløven" set, the national emblem or "Lion Rampant", from 1924. These SOS designs are not among my favourites. I would call them acceptable at best. No room for brilliant adornments.

Norway 584-585

The celebrated posthorn design has been in constant use in Norway since 1872. They were issued in countless numbers in different values and colors and have become a special area for collectors. They even have their own magazine. So no wonder the Norwegian postal bureau found it worth a centenary issue in 1972. The great architect Wilhelm von Hanno is the man behind the posthorn design. Some detailed information can be found here. (Just ignore the top image in that essay, which shows a posthorn issue from Crete!) The intricate background of the 1972 design, consisting of many tiny posthorns in a tapestry pattern, makes these stamps more appealing to me than the 1955 issues. I had a hard time finding a good blue 2 skillings for a decent price, so I had to do with this badly centered and slightly shabby one. But it goes well with my second copy of the red 3 skillings, where the perforations have been cut.

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